Are Chausie Cats Outdoor Friendly?

Chausie cats are extremely active as a result they are definitely outdoor friendly cats. When walking with them, you want to make sure they can do it freely. Please do place them to bubble backpacks or any other carriers that might limit their space.

Feline fanciers and numerous brave proprietors are looking for types of trained felines that go past the customary. Created from cross-reproducing little wild felines with residential breeds, there are currently various agreeable, hybridized felines: Bengals, Toygers, and Chausies.

The Chausie cat, in the same way as other of these half and halves, has various charming qualities that separate it from its “normal” household family members. These felines are:

As a household feline, the Chausie kept its friendly character. Especially created inside this breed is the characteristic of not having the option to stand being separated from everyone else, getting a charge out of investing energy with its lord.

As a wild feline, the Chausie kept its fun loving and chasing disposition. They are felines that affection running and need loads of room to blow of steam. It is prudent that on the off chance that you wish to embrace one of these felines that you have a nursery.

AreĀ Chausie cats outdoor friendly? I would say it is even more than that and they can easily survive in the wild environment even though they are domesticated cats.

Who Are The Chausie Cats?

The Chausie is a tall, statuesque cat, upright in stance, medium to large in size, and retains a strong resemblance to its ancestor the Jungle Cat.

They have long legs, large mobile tufted ears and often inherit a 3/4 length tail from the wild Jungle Cat. The Chausie is good natured, loyal and intelligent.

Chuasies are an accepted breed in The International Cat Association (TICA). Cats that are 3 generations from their African jungle cat heritage (F3’s) are allowed in the show hall. To view the TICA standard click here.

List Of All Chausie Cat Breeders In The USA (by States)

Check the ultimate list of all Chausie cat breeders registered in the United States of America. Most of these are Facebook groups.

List Of Chause Cat Breeders Who Has Them For Sale in the USA








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More Breeders:

Sheryl Swanson
Member Since: August 2010

  • Shingletown California
  • Tel: (530) 474-1344
  • Email:
  • Africadabra is a small in home cattery located in northern California ,specializing in – Savannahs, Bengals, and Chausies. We are registered with T. I.C.A. We hope to educate people to the joys of owning a “touch of the wild ” These hybrid breeds are not only beautiful , but – intelligent, loving and important parts of a household. We socialize our kittens in our home ,and when they are ready to join yours , they are -litter trained, have appropriate immunizations,and healthy.

Asia Exotics
Mariko Florez
Member Since: April 2009

  • San Marcos, California
  • Tel: (714) 404-6080
    Tel: (760) 295-9975
  • Email: marikoflorez@cox.t
  • Click here to see more photos
    Kittens Available
    Multiple grand champion Line
  • *Love to walk on leach*
  • *Refferences
  • **TICA** **Abyssian**Chausie* *Savannah* *Please contact for price**

Bakhutan Cattery
Shayla June Hawkins
Member Since: December 2006

  • Aztec, New Mexico
  • Tel: (505) 334-3919
    Tel: (505) 215-6635
  • Email:
  • Our mission is to produce loving quality kittens and help others enjoy the enchanting world of the Bengal cat and assorted hybrids.
  • CanyonRidge Chausies
    Debbie Jones
    Member Since: July 2008
  • North Carolina
  • Tel: (252) 438-6324
  • Email:

Couture Cats
Kaleena Lee
Member Since: April 2006

  • Missouri
  • Email:
  • Website Coming Soon!
    Kittens Available
    we produce only a few litters a year. All kittens and parents are raised in our home as loving pets. All TICA reg. with health guarantee.
  • Desert’s Meow
    Marilyn and Evelyn Wise
    Member Since: September 2003
  • Gilbert, AZ
  • Tel: (480) 892-8078
  • Email:
  • Arizona cattery raising loving Bengals, Chausies and Savannahs. TICA and IPCBA registered. FELV negative cattery.

Exotic Cats R Us
Nathan and Teresa Shaffer
Member Since: March 2006

  • Holden Missouri
  • Tel: (816) 985-2901
  • Email:
  • Kittens Available
    We are a small cattery in the midwest raising Chausie, Savannah, Serval, Caracal, Jungle Cat and Bengal kittens.

Halestone Chausies
Mike & Sandy Hale
Member Since: December 2004

  • Orange County, CA
  • Tel: (714) 403-8621
  • Email:

Deborah Stockbridge
Member Since: April 2007

  • Rindge,New Hampshire
  • Email:
  • Halo’sPride is a small in home cattery where we are dedicated to raising Savannahs & Chausies with loving, social, temperaments. All our cats are raised underfoot , among our family, for the best socialization. We are a TICA registered Cattery.

Marechal Cattery
Sheryl Koontz
Member Since: October 2004

  • Kenna, West Virginia
  • Email:
  • Kittens Available
    Exotic Looks, Domestic Temperaments We offer well socialized, healthy Savannah, Bengal and Chausie kittens year round. All of our cats come with a written health guarantee. Currently breeding high percent F3 – SBT Chausies.

Debbie Quinn
Member Since: October 2004

  • Charlotte,N.C.
  • Tel: 704-679-9988
  • Email:
  • QueenCityCats is a small cattery in N.C. We breed both show and pet quality kittens with spotted and brown ticked coats. We breed the best to the best and all our kittens are TICA registered and vet checked before they are shipped to their new homes.

ReedCat Chausie
Meryl Peek
Member Since: July 2004

  • Wrightwood, California
  • Tel: (760) 249-6000
  • Email:
  • Offering the best in domestic Jungle Cat lookalikes!

Dr. Cris Bird
Member Since: April 2011

  • Southern California
  • Email:
  • Kittens Available
    Located in Southern California, we are members of the TICA Chausie Breed Committee. Our Chausies are members of our family and are regularly handled by judges at cat shows. Through the breed committee and show experiences, we stay up to date about the Chausie breed and can ensure that the Chausies we produce have outstanding temperaments.

Stone Cougar Mews
Rhonda Coffey
Member Since: May 2017

  • Midland City, Alabama
  • Tel: (334) 791-4090
  • Email:
  • Beautiful & Excellent TICA Chausies! All raised in our home with excellent High standards for Health~Socialization and Intelligence! Amazing Vivid Ticked Colors! 5 year Genetic Guarantees & Lifetime communication available. Pet Therapy Providers.

Tasurt Chausies
Bobbie Tullo
Member Since: April 2003

  • Pine, AZ
  • Tel: (928) 978-0487
  • Email:
  • Kittens Available
  • We are a small cattery located in the mountains of Arizona. Our kittens are raised in our home and are guaranteed for both health and temperament. We have brown ticked, black and silver tip at the moment but will be focusing more on the silver tip as our program progresses. We are currently working with generations one through five and have fertile Chausie males so are able to do Chausie to Chausie breedings at this time. If you buy a kitten from us we are available to mentor you 24/7 with your new pet kitten or breeder.

Thomwren Cattery
Marjorie Wren
Member Since: April 2004

  • S. E. Arizona
  • Tel: 520-803-1559
  • Email:
  • Kittens Available
    Thomwren Cattery, breeding exotically beautiful cats since 1998. We focus on beauty and purrsonality resulting in kittens that are not only lovely to look at but, kittens that are also ready to love and be loved. All kittens are TICA and/or UFO registered. References are happily provided to serious buyers. Breeding for Chausie kittens, one special litter at a time.

Wildkatz Cattery
Sandra Cassalia
Member Since: April 2003

  • Hollywood, FL
  • Tel: (954) 966-0406
  • Email:
  • Kittens Available
    Devoting our 16th year to producing quality chausies in-home, underfoot. Brown ticked, black and specializing in silvertip in first through fourth generations. Also raise abyssinians. Health guarantee on all babies.